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Town of SNOW

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Wonderland Bookstore
--the world is yours with the turn of a page.
Corin Parker, owner

There are hundreds of thousands of books out there, and of course we can't offer all of them here at our small book store. So we have chosen a few of our favorite authors and listed their websites, where you can find out who they are, what they write, and where you can buy it!

Some of Our Favorite Authors

Barbara Baldwin

Jessica Matthews

Sheri McGathy

Holiday Books


Christmas Quilt Anthology 
10 original Christmas stories

The most important parts of the Christmas season are not the presents or the tree, baking or decorations. It's the people -- family and friends -- who enrich our lives and make the holidays so special.

     Christmas Quilt is actually a collection of people who will make you laugh and cry, remember and wish, and like good friends, you’ll want to visit them every year.

     You’ll meet Bobby and Mrs. Claiborne, who have holiday ghosts to deal with; Megan and her siblings, orphaned just before the holiday.

    There’s the children of the coal mining village of Snow and a group of lumberjacks, all of whom learn to believe in magic.

     Read one mother’s need for holiday tradition, letters from friends full of holiday cheer, verses and rhymes about luminaries and Christmas Eve traditions.

     And meet all the people touched by The Christmas Quilt, made with love for a daughter’s holiday wedding, as it appears at Christmas time throughout the century.

Available directly from the author at a lower than on-line price. Contact Barbara at


"It's like visiting Christmas all year long!"