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Town of SNOW

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Snow Festival
Apple Cider Days

Our very own town of Snow is featured in Barbara's holiday story, "Always Believe."


ALWAYS BELIEVE -- Emma doesn’t believe in the enchantment of Christmas, but then she and her dad move to the town of Snow, where even the stores have holiday names. What is she supposed to think when her new friend pulls her into the magic of the holiday by insisting he knows the location of Santa’s workshop?

               --by Barbara Baldwin


IF WISHES WERE MAGIC -- A misprint in a cosmetic company’s holiday ad has them inundated with children’s letters to Santa. The owner, Chanti, with the help of a handsome investigator, decides to make their wishes come true, but TJ faces a dilemma. Should he use his skills to make her Christmas wish come true, or can he use the countdown to Christmas to find the key that unlocks the lady’s heart? --Barbara Baldwin

"It's like visiting Christmas all year long!"