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Town of SNOW

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Snow Festival
Apple Cider Days

History of SNOW 

Cause to celebrate!

“It’s snowing!”

         Two words that for most people generate instant panic and thoughts of where they buried the snow shovel last spring. But in SNOW, chaos of a different sort erupts. The church bells ring loud and crisp in the winter air. The streets are instantly crowded with shop keepers, business men and children. Cars stop wherever they are and drivers and passengers alike spill out.

         People look heavenward; spreading their arms wide as though trying to capture the swirling drops of moisture. Others open their mouths, tongues stuck out to grab the season’s first snowflake.

         Strangers to the town stand and gap in wonder. Some even scurry to their cars and slowly sneak out of town.



       No one had the chance to ask them, “Have you ever tasted a snowflake?” Residents of SNOW will tell you snowflakes feel like angel kisses and smell like mountain air.

       Some believe there’s magic in the air in the Town of SNOW. Others believe it’s the good heartedness of the residents that makes SNOW so special.


"It's like visiting Christmas all year long!"