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Town of SNOW

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Snow Festival
Apple Cider Days



Ekalrepip Days every July.


Apple Cider Festival comes around when the apples are ready to harvest every fall.


Snow Festival begins soon after the first snow falls.

SNOW boasts three major festivals a year -- Apple Cider Days, Ekalrepip Days, and probably best known is the one that bears its name – the Snow Festival. A walk around the town square and a glance in the shops confirms what one visitor said – “It’s like having Christmas all year long!”


The festivals follow a weather calendar rather than your normal January through December, Monday through Sunday time keeper. The reason for this is readily apparent. Apples do not always ripen and snow does not always fall on the same day of the same month each year.


On the other hand, Ekalrepip Days are a little more predictable being on the first weekend after the first full moon in July. Predictable of a sort, but just as changeable from year to year.

"It's like visiting Christmas all year long!"