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Full Moon Not Until July 26th, 2010


Ekalrepip Days have always been held the first weekend AFTER the first full moon in July. Folklore states that's when the fishing at Piper Lake is the best.
Piper Lake has been the site for a fishing tournament for more years than anyone can remember, but the name Ekalrepip didn't come into existence until the late 1950s. To advertise its tournament, the town had made huge cloth signs that were strung across the streets just as you drove onto the square in the center of town.


One day (and who remembers exactly when?) a young boy turned after walking past the signs and, because they were painted only on the one side, read the word backwards, asking "What does Ekalrepip mean?" Well, the name stuck and the town began using it to advertise their special tournament.
Over the years, Ekalrepip Days has expanded from "just" a fishing tournament to a weekend full of fun for the entire family.

Ekalrepip Days Hopes For Record Crowds!
Checking the 2010 calendar brought an astonishing discovery -- the first full moon in July doesn't occur until July 26th, which is a Monday! That means Ekalrepip Days won't be held until July 30-31 and August 1. This is probably the latest dates we have seen in a while.
Since we don't let a little thing like the calendar stop us, Piper Lake will be the site of the annual Ekalrepip Days fishing tournament again this year. Plans are being made for a craft show, a music festival on the shores of the lake, a bar-b-que at the town square, along with a lot of fun activities for the entire family.
Rain or shine, the fishing should be great, the food delicious and the company spectacular. It's like an old-fashioned 4th of July town picnic and you won't want to miss it.

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"It's like visiting Christmas all year long!"