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Town of SNOW

Apple Cider Festival

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Snow Festival
Apple Cider Days

Harvest Time Is Near


You know fall is in the air when you need a sweater to take your early morning walk; when there's the light smell of burning leaves; when you've seen the last of the watermelons at the Farmer's Market and now see carts piled high with bright orange pumpkins.
Come celebrate with the residents of Snow as they enjoy the Apple Cider Festival. You can pick your own apples from the orchard, enjoy the cinnamony taste of fresh apple pie, streudel and crisp. And don't forget, you can watch them make apple cider and taste the results.


Flying Hammer Woodshop
Visit today for specials on wooden bowls -- ideal for holding those fresh apples!

Snowflake Glass
One of a kind fused glass designs.
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Season's Greetings Card and Gift Shop
Special collections of notecards with gorgeous autumn foliage!
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It’s All About the Apple

Whether you’re an apple-cheeked female or a male with a bobbing Adam’s apple, we have a fun, easy trivia contest for you. Highlight then right click and copy the following into an email, or number and retype, completing each saying and giving us the names of the famous people. Send your completed entry to

Apples have often been used in sayings; some of which were said often enough that we think of them as famous quotes. How many do you know?

1. An apple a day, ___________

2. You are the apple _________________

3. As American as ____, ___ and apple pie.

4. It’s like comparing apples ___________.

5. One rotten apple ______________

6.  Don’t _____ the apple _____.

7. The apple never falls ___________.


Several people have been profoundly impacted by the apple. Can you name them with just these minor hints?

8. Ancient Scientist _______

9. Original Mr. & Mrs.______________

10. Tall-tale, but we have the apple trees to prove it. _______________________


Winners will be picked from entries with the most correct answers. In the case of ties, early entries will trump, so get your entry in soon. Winners will get apple certificates good for $5-$10 off products at any of the on-line stores at Snow.

"It's like visiting Christmas all year long!"