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Town of SNOW

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Snow Festival
Apple Cider Days

Welcome to SNOW! 

We're an old coal mining town where the beauty of winter is celebrated in the town's name, the unique shops and businesses and the overall festive feeling you get just by visiting, regardless of the time of year!

With fall in the air and the smell of leaves burning, I've added just a little information about the Apple Cider Days in Snow.  What started as a fictional short story titled "Once Upon A Christmas Wish" in my book called Christmas Quilt Anthology, evolved into a website because I had fallen in love with the town of Snow and the people who live there. But they needed something to sustain the town economy besides the snow festival. For this reason, they also have their fall festival -- Apple Cider Days. It is just one more way in which the people of Snow share the goodness that makes their town unique.


My continued fascination for the town of Snow led me to write a full length story about Ryan and his daughter Emma, who return to his hometown to work in his aunt's Snicker-Doodle Bakery. The story is one of friendships, conflict as the residents of the coal mining town discuss alternative energy, and mystery, as Emma and her new friend, Charlie, think they've discovered Santa's workshop. While it is a Christmas story, it actually begins in the fall -- right about the time of our Apple Cider Days!


Books We Love has published Always Believe -- Emma's story but also the story of the Town of Snow. I hope you will fall in love with this town as I did. Visit the shops of Snow; perhaps bake cookies from recipes at the bakery or check out the books at Wonderland Bookstore.

Barbara Baldwin




Our eclectic shops and unique businesses welcome you!


Snickerdoodle Bakery

Wonderland Bookstore

Season's Greetings

Snowflake Glass

Priscilla’s Quilt Shop

Holly Café

Jolly Pots pottery



Flying Hammer Woodworking

The Sleigh -- Antiques & Collectibles

Poinsettia Bed & Breakfast

Blitzen’s Coffee and Tea Shop

"It's like visiting Christmas all year long!"